Let's Get The Basics Of Prayer

Jan 4, 2022    Beth Jones

Welcome to our brand new series on the basics of PRAYER! I’m so excited to share this series with you because I believe in the power of prayer…and more importantly, I believe that God wants to answer your prayers! But first, it’s important that we know how to pray effectively and according to God’s Word.

Jesus said in John 16:24… “ask, and you will receive, that your joy may be full.” Prayer should result in receiving what you prayed for AND great joy! Praying this way, God’s way, will change your Christian life…and it should also change the lives of others!

If you are a seasoned pray-er, new to prayer or just discouraged or bored with prayer, this series is for you! I believe God wants to stir up in you a passion to pray. Today, let’s get the basics of prayer together!

(If you’re following along in my brand new workbook “Getting A Grip On The Basics of Prayer,” this lesson is from Chapters 1 & 2: Prayer Basics and 10 Common Questions About Prayer.)

Hungry for more? We’ve got the table set for you. Visit thebasicswithbeth.com to binge the basics on your favorite platforms: podcasts, YouTube, online bible courses, books and more.